This narrow leg of land looks very similar to Italy in shape. With its golden wheat fields, glittering gulf waters and blissful pace of life, it could easily pass as a Mediterranean idyll.

1. Discover Flaherty’s Beach 

Recognised as one of the best beaches in Australia, Flaherty’s is a turquoise-water-on-white-sand showstopper. You can take a 4WD along SA’s answer to the Bahamas and set up camp for the day; at low tide, the waters are perfect for paddle boarding and snorkelling.

2. Go with the Grain 

Watsacowie Brewery in Minlaton does proper justice to the barley capital of Australia. Think live music, food trucks and craft beer made from the paddocks you’re looking over. Feeling fruity? Try a pint of Pink Peesy – the beer that thinks it’s a watermelon cocktail.

3. Enter a Different World

Catch a wave at Pondalowie Bay, snorkel at the Shell Beach rockpools or bushwalk one of the many trails weaving throughout Dhilba GuurandaInnes National Park. Be sure to call in at Inneston for a little time-travelling: this outpost boomed in the 1900s on the back of gypsum; now it’s a ghost town and the ruins are poignant and oddly exciting. You can overnight here, too.

4. The Pink Lake

Yorkes is home to some 200 salt lakes, but one in particular leaves Instagrammers feeling flushed with colour. After rains, the Pink Lake near Yorketown shows a variety of Barbie’s favourite hues, including millennial pink, magenta pink and bubblegum.

5. Throw Yourself into Moonta Mines

The extraordinary town of Moonta has an equally extraordinary origin story that involves one of the world’s largest deposits of copper. As well as boosting the state coffers, it brought Cornish miners to the country to work the mine. All these stories and more are brilliantly told at historic Moonta and the surviving mine sites, which can be toured aboard a little train.

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