Experience and enjoy all there is to do when visiting the Limestone Coast with five of our must-see attractions.


This unique family run brewery is a must visit. Using traditional and sustainable methods to produce hand-crafted specialty ales and beverages and focusing on an organic approach to brewing makes Robe Town Brewery unique. The combination of locally grown barley with the only wood-fired brewing kettle in Australia, oak barrel mash and filtering through hay, brings a truly unique flavour profile to the experience.
















This remarkable natural feature can be found along the Bowman Scenic Drive that snakes around the town of Beachport. The Pool is Siloam is extremely buoyant and reputed to be seven times saltier than the sea. Its waters are very popular for their healing properties, as the water is reputed to relieve the aches and pains ofthose suffering arthritis.


Visitors can start off at the Tantanoola Caves known for their exquisite beauty and then head to Naracoorte Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mount Gambier is a mecca for the cave lover featuring Engelbrecht Cave which offers visitors a tranquil and memorable experience. Also, don’t miss out on Cave Gardens, the Umpherston Sinkhole, Blanche Cave and Hells Hole, all easily accessed and worth exploring with the family or adventuring in smaller groups.















This is a must stop destination on your way eastward into the more populated areas of the Limestone Coast. In the small farming town of Coonalpyn, Australia’s largest and arguably most complex mural has been finished on the towering grain silos. The 30-metre mural was created by artist Guido van Helten and modelled by five Coonalpyn Primary School children to represent Coonalpyn’s hope for the future.















Whether you cast out by boat, beach or jetty, the Limestone Coast offers a variety of superb fishing hotspots and is one of the world’s crayfish capitals. Rapidly developing a reputation for deep sea fishing, the area attracts those wishing to tackle southern bluefin tuna, gummy shark and other reef dwelling delicacies. Best fishing locations can be found off the jetties of Cape Jaffa, Beachport and Port MacDonnell with the Glenelg River another of the region’s fishing hotspots.